Biggest Fish Day 1:
Sponsored by: Nakina Volunteer Fire Department
Winners of $500.00
​Weight: 4.25lbs
Team #48
Dany Michel & Travis Schallock

Biggest Fish Day 2:
Sponsored by: Twin Lakes Outfitters
Winners of $500.00
Weight: 4.33lbs
Team #27
Ed Tulin Jr. & Dan Krause

Top Youth Team:
Sponsored by: Mad Fisherman
Winners of $150
Weight: 26.72lbs
Team #33
Ed Hoffman & Walt Hoffman

Top Mixed Team:
Sponsored by: Royal Canadian Legion
Winners of $150
Weight: 19.53lbs
Team #18
Jason Booth & Sue Booth

4th Flight after Day 1 - Biggest Bag
Sponsored by: GM Logging
Winner of a 2018 Entry
Weight: 3.15lbs
Team #57
Steeve Deroy & Isaac Fagnilli

Mystery Weight Day 1:
Sponsored by: D&R Sporting Goods
Winners of D&R Gift Certificate
Mystery Weight: 11.34lbs
Team #7
Andrew Young & Rick Machura

Mystery Weight Day 2:
Sponsored by: D&R Sporting Goods
Winners of D&R Gift Certificate
Mystery Weight: 2.02lbs
Team #28
Al Sitar & Candace Sitar

​Uksi Viela "One More"
Ed Tulin Sr. Memorial Award
Sponsored by: Ed Tulin Jr.
Winners of free registration for 2018
Weight: 1.75lbs
Team #51
DJ Abraham & Dan Cormier

Please see the linkFINAL DERBY 2018.pdf
for Nakina Bass Derby 2018 results

1st Place Winners
Winning : $4147.50
Weight: 33.87lbs
Team #48
Dany Michel & Travis Schallock

2nd Place Winners
Winning: $2426.60
Weight: 32.02lbs
Team #21
Luc Diotte & Louie Marcotte

3rd Place Winners
Winning: $1296.40
Weight: 29.57lbs
Team #26
Denis Vachon & Andrew Hutchinson

4th Place Winners
Winning: $810.50
Weight: 29.25lbs
Team #25
Norm Vernier & Travis Vernier

5th Place Winners
Winning $565.10
Weight: 29.02lbs
Team #31
Dillon Megan & Greg Wilson

B Division Winners:
31st Place Winners
Winning $350.00
Weight: 9.00lbs
Team #39
Greg Bourdignon & Chad Haakenson

32nd Place Winners
Winning $250.00
Weight: 7.75lbs
Team #42
Sylvain Simard & Andre Blanchard

33rd Place Winners
Winning $150.00
Weight: 7.65lbs
Team #24
Ken Zimak & Neil Zimak

​Participation Draw:
Sponsored by: Ferraro Trucking
Winner of $500.00
Team #56
Mark Bell & Fred Bell

Nakina Bass Derby